Nicole Pawlowski - Audiovisual Art

"5 Nerves"

11.07.02-15.07.2002, "Rundgang" Exhibition, HBK Braunschweig, Germany.

Audiovisual sculpture.

The visual form of the sculpture corresponds with the outlines of nerve cells. Acoustically the form functions actively and passively as a resonance body for the sounds of fluent water which were taken up inside of the sculpture.

In each of five "nerves-cell bodies" of the sculpture a loudspeaker is installed in each case. Simultaneous five different audiotracks of water sounds are escorted from the inside of the cell bodies by the branching out of the sculpture towards the sound openings of the tubes outwardly into the space.


media: wax, pigments, plasticized PVC, 5 loudspeakers, 5 audio amplifers, 5 Minidisk-Players.

dimensions of the installation: variable / height: 8 m, width: 8m, depth: 8m .

concept, realization: Nicole Pawlowski
© Nicole Pawlowski / VG Bildkunst Bonn.