Nicole Pawlowski - Audiovisual Art


27.06.07-06.07.07 Exhibition "Art and Spirit"Firma Interroll, Via Gorelle 3,
San´ Antonino, Tessin, Switzerland.

Audiovisuelle Installation / mixed media

In the sculptural installation "sound hexagon" water is a central element which enables an audio-visual transformation, its surface functions as an image surface moved by sounds.

The soundtrack of a video film is escorted into 61 loudspeakers which are arranged hexagonally in a hexagonal tank and which are covered by a thin water membrane. Depending on amplitude and frequency of the videotone the loudspeakers move the water surface which reflects the image material of the video film projected diagonally from above onto the wall.

In the wall reflexion of the projected video images the steadily changing water wave patterns become visible which are caused by the sounds of the video film on a real-time basis and which will move continually the caleidoscopic image on the wall, which which consists of 61 symmetrical single images.



The videomaterial was taken up with friendly approval of the company "Interroll" from an industrial production plant for injection mouldings of conveyer belts.

media: water, 61 loudspeakers, 2 audio amplifers, 2 frequency crossovers, white PVC foil, steel, MDF, acrylglas, 1 videobeamer, Video-DVD 46min, 1 DVD-player.

dimensions of the sculpture: height: 0,50 m, diameter: 1,65 m.

dimensions of the projection: height: 5,00 m, width: 5,00 m, depth: 5,0 m.

concept, technology, realisation: Nicole Pawlowski
videodocumentation, photos: © Nicole Pawlowski / VG Bildkunst, Bonn.