Nicole Pawlowski - Audiovisual Art

"Sinus X"

audiovisual sculpture / mixed media

13.12.07-16.12.07 UdK Berlin, Germany.

The sculpural installation "Sinus X" enables an audio-visual transformation, in which variable sine tones are transformed into three-dimensional moved laser images and therefore they also become visualised. On this occasion the sine tone modulates the image.

The constructive implementation of the sculpture is reduced to functional elements, as an optoacoustic instrument it serves for visualisation of sine sounds by laser light.

A circular acrylic glass lens in the diameter of 0.8 m is covered with a thin water layer. On the underside of the water lens a body sound producer is mounted concentric; it converts the frequencies of variable sine tones into mechanical oscillations and transfers it with the help of the resonating acrylic glass plate directly onto the water surface. The complex water wave structures change under dependence of the amplitude and the frequencies of the sine tones .

12 coloured laser light sources are installed below the water surface. The laser beams are installed in such a way, that they penetrate the moved water surface from below. The bundled up laser beams of light become scattered by the water waves and they become changed in their direction and deflected into the space.

media: water, acrylic glass, bodysoundgenerator, sinussoundgenerator, audio amplifer, 12 laserdiodes in visible wavelengthes 650 nm red and 453 nm green, alumium, steel.

dimensions of the sculpture: height: 1,0 m width: 0,8m.

dimensions of the light projection: variable.

concept, technology: Nicole Pawlowski
construction / realization assistance: Karl Tomic
photos: © Nicole Pawlowski / VG Bildkunst, Bonn.