Nicole Pawlowski - Audiovisual Art


31.08.08-26.10.08 Exhibtion German Soundart Prize 2008, Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten, Marl, Germany.


Interactive audiovisual installation / indetermined realtime-radio-soundcomposition.

The radio comet is a three-dimensional picture in the space, which consists of the electrical components of radio receivers and which behaves as technical basis for an indetermined sound composition of radio sounds in real-time.

Starting from an electrical control unit, 20 copper cables run into the circular centre of the picture, which consists of 10 radially arranged radio receivers. Every radio receiver is assigned to an external loudspeaker.

The technical picture becomes a phenomenon of time as soon as it is traversed by current and sound is generated in combination with light signals.

The acoustic result of the radio comet is unpredictable in every moment, and not reproducible. It is an sound collage of radio sounds generated in the space and in real-time by an electronic control unit, which switches 10 radio receivers on and off successively in infinite loop. The switch-on signal is visualised by a red electroluminescent diode which is proceeding from every radio and pointing to the direction of the temporarily active loudspeaker.

The live sounds of different radio stations are joined in fragments to a complete composition, at which the acoustic single components remain discernable as such, however, unfolding a new effect in their interaction. This radio sound composition consists of 10 particular pauses, which are generated by short switching signals creating a rhythm, as well as of 10 identical time windows for indefinite radio sounds arising through the turn-on times of the radios.



This work inspired by Zen is an audiovisual perception model for a world view in which every involved radiostation in the cosmos is interconnected in the here and now and in which there is no constitutive centre in the radiosound-composition.

The aesthetics underlying the result of the composition derives from the idea of decentrally organized art. The different radiostations form a control circuit, thus these ten factors are equivalent involved in the acoustic result.

Media:loudspeakers, electrical components of radiotransmitters, Leds, power supply, copper cable, Acrylglass, aluminium.

Dimensions: variable / 4 m height: 10 m, width: 10 m, depth: 10m.

concept, technology, realization: Nicole Pawlowski
construction assistance: Karl Tomic
videodocumentation / photos: © Nicole Pawlowski / VG Bidkunst, Bonn.