Nicole Pawlowski - Audiovisual Art

"Invasion X-Ω"

07.03.2009 "Museum Nightfever", Porte de Hal, royal museum for art and history, Brussels, Belgium.

interactive audiovisual performance / indetermined audiovisual composition

The cybernetic body objects "X" are interactive, electric sound- and light instruments, wearable on the body, which are controlled by the exposure of light and body movement.

The interaction of variable lighting conditions in the space and the movement of the actor are answered opto-acoustically by the body object in real-time with the release of differentiated atonal sound-and light signals.

The acoustic reactions of the body object on a combined stimulus from light and movement are unpredictable for the actor and recipients in every moment, some postures generate sounds and others acoustic silence.

The visual effect and special gestures of the different postures arise from the motivation of the actors, to modulate sounds through movement or holding the acoustic silence by stopping their body movement for some time.

Due to the interactivity of cybernetic objects with the human body, a mutual audiovisual transformation is made possible, in which technically mediated interactions of light, sound and body movement are realized.
Light and body movement are optical phenomena, which are transformed and thus audiovisualized from the body object through the release of sound and light into the audible and visible. Through the physical reactions of actors to the acoustic reactions of the body object, a retranslation from the audible to the visible takes place.
Audiovisual images arise processually during the time in which body movement, light and sound are mutually dependant.

The sounds and lightsignals are generated by the interconnection of analogous electric components, which are visually arranged in the shape of an X. The symbol X means indetermination, it is a placeholder for unpredetermined variably electrical values. Every "X" has some individual "electrical information”, thus the objects react and sound differently. The arrangements of the different components within the electrical wiring diagrams behave as "plastically electrical notations" for interactive and unpredetermined audiovisual performances.


For the Long Night of the Museums in Brussels the performance "Invasion X-Ω" was enacted twice at the Hallepoortmuseum, during which 5 actors performed one by one for three minutes each.

The task of the actors was to consider acoustic silence and sound as equivalent time components of the composition and to adjust their motion sequences in the interaction with the body object according to it.

The aesthetics underlying the result of the performance derives from the idea of decentrally organized art. The actor, the body object and the variable lighting conditions form a cybernetic control circuit, thus these three factors are equivalent involved in the artistic result.

concept, technology, realization: Nicole Pawlowski
actors: Leonie Abassi, Ynes Neumann, Mirko Winkel, Norai Hornstein, Gerald Kraus.
camera: Luk Lenoir, Bernhard Wunderlich.