Nicole Pawlowski - Audiovisual Art

"House Cricket Singing"

16.02.07-23.02.2007 Masterstudent Exhibition 2007, UdK Berlin.

audiovisual Installation mixed media

In the floors of three glass towers distributed around the exhibition room are located parts of plants as well as 3 species of living insects: brown crickets, field crickets and house crickets.

Each of the three cricket species has its own species-specific sound production which goes out from the males, whichs originates from wing movements and which serves exclusively for intra-specific communication. The noises of the insects become audible on a real-time basis by the sound openings of the glass towers which were positioned in different heights and directions.

By using miniature-supervision cameras image sections of the inner life of the towers are projected on a real-time basis and strongly enlargedly onto the walls of the exhibition space. The insects appear at indefinined time points and for an indefinite period of time in the image sections of the videoprojection.

The alienation of the colours in the projection of video images is caused by the wireless transmission of the video image. This transmission error was incorperated as "Happy Accident" into the audiovisual composition.


The interactive installation "house cricket singing" generates the basic condition for an indetermined audiovisual composition.

Material which was taken from the natural environment in form of living crickets and plant parts, become components and participants of an audio-visual composition, in that the form-shaping and composition from video image and sound is transferred in the space and on a real-time basis on the living impacts of the nature.

The installation is conceived as an audiovisual model of perception for a holistic world view in which there is no hierarchy and no ruling centre. Each of the countless insects and plant parts forms an equivalent creating centre of the sound- and image composition.

The spatial arrangement of three glass towers in the space visualises the decentralisation of the sound and video image composition which takes place at three different places in the space.

The living miniature sceneries inside of the glass towers form the microcosm which is transformed by the enlarged videoprojections to a macrocosm on the walls, which surrounds the viewer.

media: Lebende Mittelmeergrillen, Steppengrillen und Heimchen , Pflanzenteile, Neonlampen, Miniatur-Funk-Überwachungskameras, Videokamerafunkreceiver, 3 Video-Projektoren, Glas, Gaze, Plastikklammern.

dimensions of the installation: variable / height: 5 m, width: 8m, depth: 10m .

The animated videosceneries on the walls suggest to the viewer to stand in the middle of the miniature landscapes in the glass towers, in which he can observe the crickets in a changed perspective of the viewer.

The insects usually invisible in the nature present themselves to the viewer at surprising moments in the size of mammals and generate attention with her movements.

The miniature sceneries in the glass towers generate in the projection of video image a spiritual scenery which can be not entered, but be paced only spiritually and that invites you to to contemplative meditation in the nature.

The video-live transmissions on the walls can be received as a living painting in which the audio-visual scenery changes on a real-time basis.

concept, realization: Nicole Pawlowski
Fotos: Karl Tomic, Nicole Pawlowski © Nicole Pawlowski / VG Bildkunst Bonn.